10+ Free Printable Blank Doctors Note Template For Work In PDF

Doctor note, medical note/certificate, sick notes these all are the same things, as they serve the same purpose of proving the fact that the concerned person has undergone a particular medical treatment for a particular disease and from a particular note.

In the simple language, the doctor note can be defined as the note, which is issued to the patient from the doctor and it contains the detailed particulars of the treatment, which has been received by the patient from the doctor.

How To Fill Blank Doctor’s Note

The blank doctor’s note is the best note for the doctors, who want to save their time from not designing their note template as it may be a very time-consuming process to them.

A blank note is basically the one which comes with some standard information imprinted in it, and the rest of the information or details are to be filled by the doctor itself. You will find certain information missing in this note such as the name of doctor’s clinic, the logo of the clinic, name of the doctor, date of the note, name of the patients, etc.

As a doctor, you just need to fill all of these details carefully and finalize the note. Once the note is finalised then you can use it to be issued to the patient, and it will be having full recognition and the validity as the certified note.

Sample Doctors Note with Examples

Doctors note is used almost by every doctor be it the general physician or the surgeon, as it is mandatory to be issued to the patients and patients can further use the notes to present at their workplace as a proof of their sick or illness. This is the reason why every doctor needs to have their own certified free doctors note or real doctors note template to be used in their working process.

So, if you are a doctor and undertake the treatment of several patients then you are most probably going to need the templates of this note. In this article, we are going to discuss the several types of Medical notes, and would also provide you with their templates, so that you can easily get them from here without designing them on your own.

1. Blank Doctors Note Template For Work

If we relate this note template with someone’s workplace then this note is required at the workplace to prove the sickness of the concerned person. We all are working in our respective fields, and since sickness is an integral part of personal, and the working life thus we have to make provisions for this phase of life as well.

So, if you are a doctor then you are going to receive the abundance of such cases where your patients will ask you to issue them with this note so that they can show it to their employer at the workplace and can get the sickness benefits.

This is why you are going to need this note template for work, which you can issue to your patients and keeping it in our consideration we are offering you the Printable doctor’s note template for work.

As the name suggests it is the blank template and hence you can design or personalize it, as per your own medical professional. The template is having a fully professional outlook and can be used in the professional context very well.

Gone are the days when the doctors had to design their medical note template on their own which used to cause them wasting a lot of their precious time. Now we are living in the world of Internet, where almost everything is available at a single click including this note template as well.

doctor Note


Yes if you are a practicing doctor and looking for the decent note for work then you can get it from here. We are attaching the free printable medical note template here which you can easily print and then issue to your patients so that they can use it at their respective workplaces.

2. Doctor’s Note For School Absence

Well, this kind of medical note is used to be issued to the school students who have received the treatment from the doctors, and need this note so that they can show it at their school and can save themselves from the absence fine.

We know that the sickness never arises with an invitation and thus the school students have to receive the treatment for it on an urgent basis, and due to that, they may have to miss their school.

This is when this note for school absence is issued to the students with a view to show the reason of absence for the school students.

3. Free Doctor’s Note For Pregnancy

We all are aware of the maternity leave as it is the integration phase of every working woman. Maternity period is basically the period when a working woman is at the peak period of pregnancy, where it becomes almost impossible for the woman to join their workplace.

This is when they have to apply for the maternity leave so that they can stay home for the time being the delivery period gets over.

As a doctor, you need to have the templates of this note for pregnancy so that you can issue it to that pregnant woman and the woman can be granted the maternity leave from the workplace. You can get this template from here to be printed or to be downloaded.

4. Printable Doctor’s Note For Service Dog

Just like the humans serve at the several workplaces the dogs also have their jobs to serve their purpose. Dogs are especially used for the guarding purposes in the military zones, where they perform their job of guarding for the concerned period of time.

Printable Doctor's Note For Service Dog


In this period the dogs may also fall sick and need the doctor’s attention or treatment. We know that the military or the army region has very strong laws and thus there even a dog also needs to prove the fact of sickness and the treatment. This is when this note for the service dog is issued so that the treatment of the dog can also be proven and documented.

5. Blank Doctor’s Note For Stress Leave

The sickness may be physically and can also be mentally, for example, the stress issues, and no matter whatever may be the nature of the sickness it has to be documented so that there can be a proof of it.

The doctors who treat the mental illness of their patients such as the psychiatrist need this note for stress leave since they receive many such cases where the patient is going through the extreme stress, and thus they offer the treatment to the patients.

After the treatment patients need to be issued this note for stress leave so that patients can apply for the leaves from the workplace on the basis of this note. You can get the blank medical note for stress leave from this section, and being the blank template you can personalize it as per your own preference.

Free Hospital's Doctors Note

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6. Free Hospital’s Doctors Note

No matter whether it is the hospital or an individual’s medical clinic the medical note has to be issued in both scenario. A hospital receives and treats the plenty of the patients in its daily routine, and at the time of discharging the patients, they have to issue the hospital’s note to the patients.

This note proves the fact that the concerned patient has received the treatment from the hospital for the particular ailments. So, if you are in charge of the hospital and looking for the hospital’s doctor note then you can get it from here.

7. Emergency Room Doctor’s Note

The emergency room of any hospital is the room where the patients with the critical situations are admitted. It may be the room such as the intensive care unit where the patients are offered according to treatment.

It is important to have the separate note which can be used in the emergency room so that it can be proven that the patient was kept under the emergency room and was offered the similar treatment. We have attached the emergency room note in this section of our article.

8. Doctor’s Note For Missing Work

When we fall sick to the extreme level then it is obvious and compulsive from our side to miss out on our respective work. On the other side, it is important to prove at our workplace that why we have missed out on our work for the concerned period of time, so that there may not be any reduction in our remuneration or salary.

Doctor note


A Medical note for missing work is the only note which can serve this purpose, and since this note has to be issued from the doctor thus a doctor must be having this note.

9. Urgent Care Doctor’s Note Template

A disease may be of two types where urgent care or treatment is required and the other, where the urgent treatment or care is not required. This is why a doctor needs to have a similar this note which can prove the specifications of the disease.

If as a doctor you need to prove the fact that the patient has been offered the urgent care then you need to use the same note template. You can get this template from here to be used in such purpose of yours.

10. Real Doctor’s Note For Work

A doctor needs to have the authentic medical note which is issued to the patients since this note can be used for the varieties of the legal purposes. For example, there may be the scenario when a person misses out on his legal hearing due to a certain disease, and then that person would have to provide the authentic note, which can prove the fact that why the person was missing on the previous hearing.

Sample doctors note

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If this note is not real then it may turn into the case of forgery which may cause further troubles both for the doctor and the other person as well.

This is why a real medical note is always significant and we are providing the template of the real note in this section. The template has been designed keeping the legal purposes in consideration and hence you can use it at any place.

11. Doctor’s Note For Work Absence

It is obvious to be missing on the workplace due to the disease but at the workplace, it may cause trouble due to unintended absence. This is why we have to justify the reason of absence at the workplace so that the employer can understand the sickness scenario of the employee and can grant the further leaves if are required.

If you are a doctor then you would be frequently asked by your patients to provide them with the Medical note for work absence. You can print or download this note for work absence from here and issue it to the patients.

We understand the fact that as a doctor you will need this note to be issued to every patient who has received any kind of treatment from you. This note for work will help them to present it at their workplace as they have to justify their reason of absence from the workplace.


It is the policy of almost every organizations to ask their employees to provide the medical note note. We are attaching here the template of this medical note for work which is meant to be issued to the workplace of the patients and is fully medical professional.

12. Free Doctor’s Note For The Flu

Flu is one of the most dangerous and the common ailments which is often encountered by many of us. When any of us goes through the flu’s ailments then we all need a reasonable amount of time to get completely recovered from it.

Sample Doctors Note with Examples

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This is why it is important to notify the workplace about your sufferings from the flu so that you can be granted further leaves until you completely recover from it. This note for the flu is what you can use to issue to your workplace, as it will be a proper medical instrument to justify your sickness with the flu.