Help Articles about Doctor's Notes

excuses for not going to work

Bulletproof excuses to get out of work

4 min read

It can be very difficult to figure out what to say to be able to leave work earlier. Sometimes, everyone needs a “bulletproof excuse”, including personal issues, unseen events, and normal “I need to get rest” days. In this article,…

can an employer deny a doctor's note

Can an Employer Deny a Doctor's Note?

4 min read

When an employee presents a doctor's note, it generally serves as a significant document that can affect decisions regarding leave, accommodations, and even job security. However, the question of whether an employer can deny a doctor's note is complex and…

excuses to leave work early

Top Excuses to Leave Work Early: Best Practices for Early Departures

6 min read

Navigating the complexities of professional life often involves balancing work commitments with personal obligations· Sometimes, the need arises to leave work early, and it's essential to handle these situations professionally and ethically· This article provides a comprehensive guide on the…

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